This page is a complete list of items have to sell. It ranges from bits'n'bobs, components, connectors and a variety of kits complete, partial and fully assembled.

Many of the kits use SMD parts. If you wish I will solder these onto PCBs for no extra charge (I prefer to provide the SMD parts fitted as I find it quicker than to bag and label them).

If I supply a mains lead then it have a UK fused plug or a north European plug fitted as required. I cannot provide plugs for any other country or region but a lead may be possible.

Unless stated otherwise, all mains powered kits are compatible for 115V or 230V, 50Hz or 60Hz operation. If you live somewhere with another mains specification then please contact me.

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All-Toob Dekatron Spinner

The All-Toob spinner is available as follows:

If I supply a dekatron it will normally be a used GC10B (or variant). The dekatron will be tested in a spinner before shipping. If a case is ordered, the kit it will include a mains cable with a UK plug, a northern Europe plug fitted, or no plug for anywhere else.

The complete kit can be supplied for a single pulse (GC10D and variants) or double pulse (GC10B and variants).

The complete spinner and case kit can be supplied with a single pulse GC10D tube for the same prices. At this time as I only have a few new GC10D tubes for sale.

If you are in North America then please say what you are looking for and I'll give you a price and postage in $US with shipping from San Diego. UK, Europe, ROW payment in GBP with shipping from Scotland.

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CRT Tester Kit


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Scope Clock Due Kits


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Postage will be whatever I have to pay and no more. A complete kit will normally be shipped with tracking and insurance. Outside of the UK shipped will be by air. Inside the UK shipped Royal Mail "Special Delivery" is normally used for larger items. I will give you an estimate for shipping to your location based on Royal Mail prices and then the actual cost when posted.

I normally try to keep the shipping as low a cost as possible. This often means shipping in two or more packages. Often it is cheaper to send several small packages rather than one large one. Stupid of course.

You're welcome to come and collect the kit … but I live about 20 miles north of Inverness, Highlands, Scotland.

This said, some kits and parts may be offered to be shipped from San Diego, CA as an alternative. This should be cheaper for destinations in Canada and the USA.

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Please contact me using the following email address with any questions or enquires about ordering or postage.

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