This is my version of the XXXXX There is a lot of information on how it works in the article which you will find on my public drop box - see below.


You should look in the "/ CRT Projects / Spirator" folder.

I have tweaked the design slightly:

On the drop box you will find the simple 3D printed box and the laser cut and engraved acrylic lid. You can, of course, start with my design and modify it as you like!

For Sale

The Spirator PCB can be purchased as a bare board (you will need to able to solder the 0805 SMD parts and SO14 IC packages). No kit is available but all the parts are easily available from Farnell, Mouser, DigiKey etc.

The price of the PCB is here.


Please contact me with any questions or enquires about ordering or postage.