Scope Clock Due - Case for a D10-230 CRT


The base (or reference) design used a Brimar D10-230 CRT. The page describes a case comprising a chassis and a dust cover. The chassis is available as a kit.

Although the D10-230 CRT has now sold out, I am currently preparing a number of other CRTs for sale with the Scope Clock Due and have photographs and movies of them in operation. All CRTs will be sold including a base and, if appropriate, a PDA connector. All CRTs are NOS. I will adapt this chassis and dust cover designs for the different tube sizes.

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Documentation - the complete design (DXF and STL files) and the construction manual can be found on this dropbox.

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Laser Cut Acrylic


Do you want a complete kit? Do you want a minimal kit - just the custom made parts? I will develop a price for a kit which suits your needs.

Dust Cover

The chassis is designed to accept a loose fitting 3mm thick clear acrylic dust cover. These are typically made to protect and display sports memorabilia and the like. The chassis is designed to sit in a rebate around the edge of the base.

In developing a design for an acrylic dust cover I quickly found that there were a large number of companies (at least in the UK) who offer the service of custom made acrylic covers. The quality (and price) of the covers varied considerably. And additionally the postage (as it is a fairly bulky albeit light object) can be a significant part of the cost.

For these reasons I am not supplying the dust cover myself. If I did this I would have to pay the postage cost to where I live and then the postage to you. I would have to pay local tax (currently 20%) but if you are outside the EU then you would not pay this tax. All these charges, excess postage, tax and so on I would pass on to you. The upshot of this is I concluded that it would be far cheaper if you bought the dust cover directly from a manufacturer.

The design is of course open.


Postage will be whatever I have to pay and no more. A complete kit will normally be shipped with tracking and insurance. Outside of the UK shipped will be by air. Inside the UK shipped Royal Mail "Special Delivery" is normally used. I will give you an estimate for shipping to your location based on Royal Mail prices and then the actual cost when posted.

You're welcome to come and collect the kit … but I live about 20 miles north of Inverness, Highlands, Scotland.

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Please contact me using the following email address with any questions or enquires about ordering or postage.