Left to right: D10-230 (ref.), 13ЛO6И, DG7-52A, 6EP7S, 8ЛO3И, 10ЛO2И, 3ACP2, 5ADP7, 3BP1 & 7JP1

Scope Clock Due - Eight More Tubes Under Test


This page is an introduction photographs of nine CRTs connected to a Scope Clock Due. It illustrates the range of tubes that the Scope Clock Due can be configured to use, from humble 70mm diameter to a monster 175mm one.

The image above shows the nine tubes under test together with a D10-230 previously described and 330ml drinks can for scale.

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CRTs for Sale

At this time I am working towards having the 13ЛO6И, 8ЛO3И and 5ADP7 CRTs for sale with Scope Clock Due kits (only). Contact me for further information.

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3BP1 Tests

5ADP7 Tests

7JP1 Tests

13ЛO6И Tests

DG7-52A Tests

3ACP2 Tests

6EP7S Tests

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Here are some photographs to illustrate how camera settings and lighting can effect the photographic image. In each case the Scope Clock was not adjusted in anyway. The CRT is a 5ADP7 - short blue, long yellow/green, P7 phosphor.

Effect of background lighting

So you have the choice of how light (or visible) you want the unexcited phosphor to appear? The bulk of the photographs in this section of the webpage are of just the CRT face and not the enclosure. So the photographs have mostly been taken in a dark room.

Effect of shutter speed

These photographs were taken at shutter speeds of 1/8th, 1/15th, 1/30th, 1/60th and 1/125th seconds. The ISO value was varied to keep the exposure constant and the apperture left at a fixed value (f5.6). Given that the screen on the Scope Clock Due is refreshed every 1/50th second (here in the UK) you can see at slow speeds, the fast moving pendulum is drawn several times while the shutter is open. At the higher shutter speeds the blue image is incomplete as it has decayed in the 1/50th interval and the yellow/green afterglow becomes visible.

The photographs in this section have been taken at a fixed 1/15th second shutter speed to ensure the refreshed full image is seen.


Please contact me with any questions!