This simple programmer is designed to partner the Sgitheach SAM3X8C Plug-in board providing both a programming function and a simple serial interface for console operations. It is an open design and the firmware is open source. In operation the board is not dissimilar to the programming USB interface on the Arduino Due. The programmer/console board can be supplied fully built, in which case there is nothing to build, or as a complete kit, or as a bare board only.

Although originally designed to work with the SAM3X8C Plug-in board it has been found to a have other applications such as a general purpose USB serial interface (the console) and as an ESP32 programmer. It has been tested with the SAME70 microcontroller which will eventually replace the SAM3X8C in large Sgitheach projects.

About Open Design

One intent of the SAM3X8C programmer project from the outset was that the hardware would be fully open.


You should look in the ""Common Stuff" folder. In the Sgitheach Commoner's PDF file you will find a chapter dedicated to the SAM3X8C Programmer. The chapter gives a full description, parts list and schematics. In the Eagle and Gerbers folder you will find the PCB design files. The Firmware folder contains a copy of the SAM3X8C programming firmware and a simple batch file to run it. The 3D Parts and Acrylic folders give the design of a simple box to house the programmer/console

For Sale

The SAM3X8C plugin can be purchased as a bare board as a kit, fully built and fully assembled.

The prices of all these options are here.