This is a 52mm x 52mm 4-layer board that carries a SAM3X8C micro-controller together with its decoupling, USB port, low frequency oscillator and a 3.3V regulator. All of the microcontroller's I/O pins are brought out to headers together with various power and control lines. It is an open design and the firmware is open source. In operation, the board is not dissimilar to the one on the Arduino Due which uses the SAM3X8E microcontroller.

Optionally, the board can be fitted with a 32kHz crystal or a precision temperature compensated 32kHz oscillator.

Pin Connections

All of the SAM3X8C I/O pins are brought out to the plug in headers. A range of pins connect other features such as reset, erase, UOTGID, analogue reference and ground. +5V power input, +3.3V output and ground complete the connections.

About Open Design

One intent of the SAM3X8C board project from the outset was that the hardware would be fully open.


You should look in the ""Common Stuff" folder. In the Sgitheach Commoner's PDF file you will find a chapter dedicated to the SAM3X8C microcontroller plug-in board. The chapter gives a full description, parts list and schematics. In the Eagle and Gerbers folder you will find the PCB design files. The Firmware folder contains a copy of the SAM3X8C programming firmware and a simple batch file to run it.

For Sale

The SAM3X8C plugin can be purchased as a bare board (you will need to able to solder the 0603 SMD parts and the LRQF100 IC package) and a fully built and tested board. No intermediate kit is available as there is not much difference between a SMD fitted and untested board and a fully tested one.

The prices of all these options are here.