A NIMO Tube Tester


Having accumulated a fair NIMOs over the years I thought it was about time that I built a simple tester to make them operate. This NIMO tester was also design to provide a platform for experiments on the voltage requirements of a NIMO, to trial ideas in the firmware and to trial ideas for the anode connection.

This page and its documentation describes my version of the NIMO Tester. It is fully open design all released under a Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

At this time no kit is available although I do have a few bare PCBs for sale.

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Tester Powered Up

Using the NIMO tester with the Sgitheach CRT Tester you configure the tester as follows:

The NIMO tester is plugged into the CRT tester jacks as follows (assuming you are using the CRT Tester case):

It is not necessary to use the CRT Tester as the power supply. Any power supplies that deliver around 1800V to 2400V is likely to be entirely suitable.

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You should look in the "/ NIMO Projects / NIMO Tester" folder.

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Kit Availability and Prices

The electronics kit is available in only one form:

Minimal Electronics Kit

This is the bare PCB only. You will have to buy all the remaining components. I bought them from Farnell (Element14), Digikey and a few parts from Ebay. If you are going down this route then I assume you know what you are doing…

The price of the PCB is here.

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Please contact me with any questions or enquires about ordering or postage.