24-9-2019Fortress and Shop pages updated
17-8-2019Fortress Premium case and gallery added
26-6-2019Shop entries for Fortress E1T Clock completed
26-6-2019Fortress E1T Clock completed
17-3-2019Fortress E1T Clock started
12-1-2019Shop page - All-Toob Dekatron Spinner - completed
8-11-2018Shop page - All-Toob Dekatron Spinner
8-11-2018All-toob dekatron spinner completed
8-11-2018All-toob dekatron spinner started
20-6-2018Shop started to centralise prices
11-5-2018Ability to offer home made PCBs is removed from all projects (sorry)!
18-5-2018This web site needs some updating!
11-5-2017CRT Tester PSU added
13-4-2017Spinning etc and Riverview deleted
4-4-2017Typo in Trigger II notes corrected
20-3-20176kV bench PSU added
18-3-2017D10-230 chassis added
14-3-20173ACP2 CRT tests completed
10-3-2017Dekatron Tester added
9-3-20173ACP2 CRT tests started
9-3-2017DG7-52A CRT tests added
8-3-2017ETEL CRT Tester picture added to CRT tester page
8-3-201713ЛO6И CRT tests added
7-3-20173BP1 CRT tests completed
7-3-20175ADP7 CRT tests added
6-3-2017mega328p ZIF programmer tool added
6-3-20177JP1 CRT tests started
6-3-20173BP1 CRT tests started
6-3-20179 Tested CRTs added
23-2-2017+2.1kV PDA PSU added
22-2-2017E1T Tester added
2-2-2017Scope Clock Due D10-230 CRTs sold out
23-1-2017Scope Clock Due update completed
12-8-2016Scope Clock Due added
12-8-2016CRT Tester added
5-3-2014Strobotron stroboscope added
5-3-2014Scope Clock II component amendments
2-7-2013House RS485 Data Network started
2-7-2013Codevision libries replaced by AVR-Libc
14-5-2013Heathkit IP-17 HV PSU
8-4-2013USBasp AVR programmer build
25-2-2013Scope Clock 2 - Construction and Tuning Notes added (new web page)
15-1-2013Scope Clock 2B - Low cost PSU design (trace rotation notes to add)
11-12-2012Update of Atomic Clock web pages completed
11-12-2012Giant 7 segment Clock source coded added
16-12-2012Scope Clock 2A - array of CRTs added
3-12-2012Scope Clock 2A - DH3-91 CRT added
2-12-2012Scope Clock 2A - E4103/B/4 CRT added
26-11-2012Scope Clock 2A - DP7/5 CRT gallery added
24-11-2012Scope Clock 2A - 2AP1 CRT gallery and video added
17-11-2012Scope Clock 2 - extension A started
13-11-2012Scope Clock 2 - version 1 completed
7-3-2012Scope Clock 1 completed
27-2-2012Scope Clock 1 project started
27-2-2012Cathode Rays section added
25-2-2012Brass etching page
10-12-2011Solar Water Heater Controller added
24-10-2011Updated FatFs page to version 0.09
24-10-2011Revised navigation bar code
4-10-2011Added Giant 7 Segment Clock page
4-12-2010Added Pt100 experiment page
4-12-2010Added history page
4-12-2010Added FatFs tweaks page
3-12-2010Added NTP Client page (software missing still)
2-12-2010Added AVR Experiments page
27-11-2010Added dekatron spinner design
21-11-2010Added CodeVisionAVR Libraries stub page
21-11-2010Added Programming stub page
21-11-2010Added Nixie Clock Radio page (under construction)
15-11-2010Added a treeview navigation bar
14-11-2010Old website now points to this website
14-11-2010Imported pages from old website