10-7-2024Strobotron 2 updated
6-7-2024EEPROM Programmer started
5-7-2024Backup battery and charger started
24-6-2024Updated NIMO Tester page and shop
20-6-2024Updated Strobtron 2 page and shop
16-6-2024Updated E1T tester
16-6-2024Updated dekatron tester
16-6-2024Scope Clock TTL finished
4-6-2024Scope Clock TTL started
1-6-2024Strobotron 2 finished
28-5-2024Strobotron 2 started
22-4-2024Broken links repaired (an on going task)
22-4-2024Fortress and Harwell kits sold out
27-1-2024Oscilloscope Graphic Artist Started
7-4-2023NIMO Tester added
21-10-2022Front Panel and One Board costs added to the shop
9-8-2022Added SAM3X8C Programmer page
Added SAM3X8C Plug-In page
Added acrylic care to miscellaneous
Front Panel and One Board started
Common Stuff division created
17-4-2022GC10D dekatrons are sold out
26-2-2022Changed the way videos are played from You Tube
24-2-2022CRT projects migrated to dropbox link
21-2-2022Best quality E1T tubes sold out
20-2-2022RS485 projects removed
More design files moved to Sgitheach DropBox
Cost of flyback transformer added to the Shop page
18-2-2022Eagle links to Autodesk
Left Navigation pane working again!
Design files moved to Sgitheach DropBox
Trigger Clock III started
LibC removed
E1T projects separated from CRT
Retired projects noted
Haar Dekatron Clock started
Atomic Clock 2 started
19-10-2021Fortress simple case removed from webpage and shop. 3.4% discount for BACS made general
25-10-2021Fortress and Shop pages finalised
2-9-2021Shipping and BREXIT rant added to shop
2-9-2021Scope Clock Due prices move to the shop page
30-1-2021Harwell first draft added
24-9-2019Fortress and Shop pages updated
17-8-2019Fortress Premium case and gallery added
26-6-2019Shop entries for Fortress E1T Clock completed
26-6-2019Fortress E1T Clock completed
17-3-2019Fortress E1T Clock started
12-1-2019Shop page - All-Toob Dekatron Spinner - completed
8-11-2018Shop page - All-Toob Dekatron Spinner
8-11-2018All-toob dekatron spinner completed
8-11-2018All-toob dekatron spinner started
20-6-2018Shop started to centralise prices
11-5-2018Ability to offer home made PCBs is removed from all projects (sorry)!
18-5-2018This web site needs some updating!
11-5-2017CRT Tester PSU added
13-4-2017Spinning etc and Riverview deleted
4-4-2017Typo in Trigger II notes corrected
20-3-20176kV bench PSU added
18-3-2017D10-230 chassis added
14-3-20173ACP2 CRT tests completed
10-3-2017Dekatron Tester added
9-3-20173ACP2 CRT tests started
9-3-2017DG7-52A CRT tests added
8-3-2017ETEL CRT Tester picture added to CRT tester page
8-3-201713ЛO6И CRT tests added
7-3-20173BP1 CRT tests completed
7-3-20175ADP7 CRT tests added
6-3-2017mega328p ZIF programmer tool added
6-3-20177JP1 CRT tests started
6-3-20173BP1 CRT tests started
6-3-20179 Tested CRTs added
23-2-2017+2.1kV PDA PSU added
22-2-2017E1T Tester added
2-2-2017Scope Clock Due D10-230 CRTs sold out
23-1-2017Scope Clock Due update completed
12-8-2016Scope Clock Due added
12-8-2016CRT Tester added
5-3-2014Strobotron stroboscope added
5-3-2014Scope Clock II component amendments
2-7-2013House RS485 Data Network started
2-7-2013Codevision libries replaced by AVR-Libc
14-5-2013Heathkit IP-17 HV PSU
8-4-2013USBasp AVR programmer build
25-2-2013Scope Clock 2 - Construction and Tuning Notes added (new web page)
15-1-2013Scope Clock 2B - Low cost PSU design (trace rotation notes to add)
11-12-2012Update of Atomic Clock web pages completed
11-12-2012Giant 7 segment Clock source coded added
16-12-2012Scope Clock 2A - array of CRTs added
3-12-2012Scope Clock 2A - DH3-91 CRT added
2-12-2012Scope Clock 2A - E4103/B/4 CRT added
26-11-2012Scope Clock 2A - DP7/5 CRT gallery added
24-11-2012Scope Clock 2A - 2AP1 CRT gallery and video added
17-11-2012Scope Clock 2 - extension A started
13-11-2012Scope Clock 2 - version 1 completed
7-3-2012Scope Clock 1 completed
27-2-2012Scope Clock 1 project started
27-2-2012Cathode Rays section added
25-2-2012Brass etching page
10-12-2011Solar Water Heater Controller added
24-10-2011Updated FatFs page to version 0.09
24-10-2011Revised navigation bar code
4-10-2011Added Giant 7 Segment Clock page
4-12-2010Added Pt100 experiment page
4-12-2010Added history page
4-12-2010Added FatFs tweaks page
3-12-2010Added NTP Client page (software missing still)
2-12-2010Added AVR Experiments page
27-11-2010Added dekatron spinner design
21-11-2010Added CodeVisionAVR Libraries stub page
21-11-2010Added Programming stub page
21-11-2010Added Nixie Clock Radio page (under construction)
15-11-2010Added a treeview navigation bar
14-11-2010Old website now points to this website
14-11-2010Imported pages from old website