6kV Bench PSU


In mucking about with devices such as cathode ray tubes I found I often needed a few kV at a few milliamps for experiments and trials. I was able to buy a couple of adjustable EHT modules on ebay so I set about building a small bench PSU using them.

The Design

The design is nothing more than the module, a mains fed, adjustable DC power supply and a meter all packaged up in a purpose made laser cut acrylic case held together with 3D printed corners.

The design was made to include 115V and 230V mains operation and to fit modules with different footprints. Common are the Brandenburg 568-409 and the Matusuada UR-6PN.

As part of a larger PCB order I had a few "prototype quality" PCBs made for the project. They are entirely adequate as nothing fancy was required.


You should look in the "/Workshop Projects/EHT Bench PSU" folder.

I'm not expecting anyone to actually copy this design exactly as you would struggle to find the mains transformer and the 100uA meter FSD I used. Seeing the design here just might help a bit with a similar project.