We love using acrylic for our cases. It's easy to fabricate, looks sharp and comes in a variety of colours, finishes and thicknesses. However, it does sometimes need some TLC to keep it looking good. Here are some pointers on its use, care and maintenance after years of experience using/cutting/polishing it.

Putting a kit together that has acrylic parts

Nobody likes fingerprints on their shiny new case. When peeling off the paper from a laser cut part, try not to get your fingerprints all over it! Cotton gloves are great for this, but most people don't have these readily at hand. If you need to clean your acrylic, use a lint-free cloth or premium micro-fibre cloth and either a little soapy water or some 99% isopropanol. Avoid using anything abrasive and do not use too much pressure. One commercial product that we use to clean acrylic that works well is Brillianize. Note, paper towels can be abrasive if used with too much pressure.

I do not want this acrylic - it is scratched

Scratches sometimes happen. The majority of them can be removed or ameliorated to some degree using specialized products for that purpose. We've had success with the NOVUS line of plastic polishes. These work well on coloured acrylics but your mileage may vary on clear acrylic as trying to remove heavy scratches can be difficult and leave a little haziness behind. If you have a particular issue that won't clean up well with polishing and then you probably need a new piece.